Sunday, March 31, 2013

First day of NY Trout season

For all those heading out on the water tomorrow stay safe, as water temps range in the mid to high 30s .  For those wading the Ausable, and other rivers keep a eye peeled upstream, for big floating ice chunk's, these can knock you into the river.

 For those fishing the Ausable, the river is a good level as we speak, and temps are 37 f to 40 f.
Slow deep pools and big flies fished on the bottom, with very little action, being my favorite presentation. A sink tip with a fast sinking head is very handy this time of the year. Zonkers, Wooly buggers, Zoo Cougars in size's # 2 and # 4 are my choices for fly's.

Many of the biggest Brown Trout I see come out of the Ausable, come out of the river this time of the year