Sunday, April 28, 2013

Mighty water's, and mighty fish

Warmer temp's in the past couple of day's have been nice, and should help continue to rise water temp's out of low to mid 40's. Wading levels are very comfortable again making it easier to get your fly down to the bottom were it seems to be most productive.

I have found my most productive fishing in the Saranac this past week. The mighty Saranac can catch you off guard, often while chasing trout, salmon, steelhead, I have hooked up with bass, perch, and a variety of other fishy character's. On both the Saranac, and Ausable a little more nymph movement on the bottom with # 12 stonefly nymph's being most active. Fishing on bottom with big fly's in color's of white, and yellow have been most productive this past week. As these condition's change we will keep you posted.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

On the rite track

 With past few day's mild temp's there is plenty of option's for fishing, many pond's, and lake's are open now. River levels have dropped to a much more comfortable wading level since the weekend, and water temp's are climbing.

For those who enjoy chasing landlock salmon, and steelhead give some of the Lake Champlain tributaries a try. River's such as the Saranac, Boquet, and Ausable you will find lake run steelhead, with landlock salmon chasing smelt from river mouth's upstream now.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Bitter cold, high water

Good hard rain's last night, rivers are rolling very high, with wind and cooler air temp's making it feel very cold. Better day for whitewater kayak's than river angling. The Ausable should drop its water level the fastest of most major river's in the region. I did hear this am a few pond's, and lake's in region started to open a good bit, however after today's cool air they should lock back up some. We are gaining ground here, and will have much open water soon.

We will keep you posted as more option's become available to the angler.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Warm and no snow in day's

With past couple day's river levels jumping up, and down due to evening rain, melting snow, water temp's are slowly climbing into mid 40's on some water's. Many fishing option's will open up to the angler in the next couple week's, with many lake's, and pond's ready to ice out quick. For now I have had some nice fishing in the Saranac river system's, and also lower elevation brook trout stream's. Rivers north such as the Salmon, and chateaugay can be a good option though no hatches, yet these rivers insect activity is a little ahead of the Saranac with the Ausable being last in line.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Ice box

Waking up to a sheet of ice, fishing today for me will be short, and sweet, followed by a lot of fly tying. River levels have dropped, wading in many waters this weekend will be comfortable as long as weather is not too wet, and warm. Pond's, and lake's are still locked frozen  for another weekend. Brook trout in small stream's is a very good option now, with a Proffesor wet fly a great choice for a fly. We will keep you posted on the salmon situation for Lake Champlain tributaries, and other regional water's.

Use caution when wading, there are still many big ice chunks floating downstream that have the potential to knock you into the water, not a fun swim with water temps in the 30 's.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Fishing conditions for Ausable, Saranac, and regional water's

With rain no longer falling river levels are falling, and so are air temps.  Pond's, and lake's are still frozen tight, the cool air temp's will prolong these conditions.

Brook trout in many small stream's can be a great option's this time of the year, and has not been a bad option lately.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Fisshing conditions

 With past days being warmer on the average, water temps are still holding between 30 f and 40 f on both the Saranac, and Ausable rivers.Warm rains today rise rivers, and also my hopes of  lake run steelhead. Many angling opportunities will continue to open up in the days ahead, one of them being landlocked salmon following smelt upstream, landlock's will stuff there belly's full with these bait fish. More recently I  have found the most active trout to be in the Saranac river system's, this river system run's a little warmer than the Ausable. Streamers or very big nymph's fished on the bottom are the most productive fly's. Be sure to let your fly swing all the way straight at the end of your drift, this will definatley increase hookups all year on the Saranac.

    You are not on the bottom until you start to lose fly's.