Friday, June 28, 2013

Fishing conditions for Ausable, and Saranac rivers. (WATER LEVEL AT FLOOD STAGE)

After last nights rain, river levels has risen to dangerous levels. As rain ceases the Ausable should drop water levels quickest, we will keep you posted.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Rise and shine

With past week of sporadic rain showers, river levels have been very nice on the Ausable, still a good amount of water in the Saranac. Fishing has been best in the early morning, with drys, nymphs, and streamers all working.  As river hatches slow down in the next couple weeks, fishing bigger drys can often create some great action on top of the surface. Have fun, stay safe, some thunder boomers too watch out for this past week.

64f - 68f  Saranac

64f -70f  Ausable

Golden stones
Green Drake
Yellow Stone

Friday, June 21, 2013

Large dry flys, and large fish

Past few day's river levels on the Ausable have dropped to were fish are comfortable eating dry flys much more often. On the Saranac water is still high, though fish are still very active under the surface with temps in high 50's to low 60's.Many large fish  landed past week in a variety of ways, with the arrival of the some large drys to get some of the bigger fish looking up, this action should continue for at least a couple day's.

The Menu

Drys & Nymphs

Golden Stones
Green Drakes

Assorted Streamer's

Friday, June 14, 2013

Water still high, dropping. Fishing has been very hot, lots of big fish

With the constant site of numerous nymph's in the water column, due to all the high water, fish on the Ausable are very responsive to  nymphs as we speak. No need to get in water or far from the bank, as most fish will move to sides of river and you can easily walk rite on top of them. Saranac is very high and will not drop as quick as the Ausable. We will update you on the Saranac as this river system water levels drops.

Ausable water temps

56 f - 61 f

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Water levels going up, and down. Fishing is good!

Past few days fishing has been good, with stonefly nymph's, and streamer's  taking most of the fish. Dry fly fishing has been minimal, due to higher water levels, although when water levels  drop we have seen some nice sulphur hatches on the Ausable. For the dry fly Junkie that just cant wait for water levels to drop, try fishing a  #8 or bigger stimulator active this sometimes can  raise fish to the surface during higher water levels.

Ausable  water temps

50 f - 58 f

Saranac water temps

53 f - 60 f

Monday, June 3, 2013

Sunny, cooler air

With a front having rolled in bringing cooler air, fishing has slowed some, this is changing however as weather stabilizes. We should see some excellent fishing again, as weather stabilizes and river levels continues to drop.

Insect activity                                                                        

Dragon fly      nymph                                                          
Golden stonefly          nymph/dry           
Little yellow stonefly         nymph/dry                                     
March Brown          nymph/dry
Sulphur's              dry                                                                                                             
Olive caddis        pupa/dry
Zug Bug's


Black Ghost
White Zonker
White Marabou Muddler

Saranac water temps

56 f  - 61 f

Ausable water temps

52 f  -  58 f

Sunday, June 2, 2013

A quick update

 Heavy rain and, thunderstorms rolled in last night, and left many river's such as the a Ausable very high. Fishing has been excellent the last two day's, and hopefully continues to be very good as river levels drop.

 Ausable water temps
   56 f - 64 f

Saranac water temps

58 f- 65 f